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Thursday, May 19, 2011

y0u and me ..

Realistically, I could find anyone with great looks and a great personality any day. 
What I have trouble with, is finding someone who understands me and what kind of person I am.
Someone who accepts me for it all, and still finds me desirable. I’m not an easy person to click with. But it feels like you and I go together so easily. 
You understand me. You tolerate me, and vice versa. I guess we’re just that compatible with each other.

Whatever the case is, I’m going to hold on to you

And there’s no chance I’m letting go.


_isheloveblog_ said...

naks..ngaun q lang to nabasa..bwahahaha..andrama..hold on pa gusto..:P

mhaiyam said...


pauch said...

wow marian, bu-mablog kna din? whahaha, muah♥
o walang pakelamanan ha, kanya kanyang emote lng yan :P