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Monday, May 2, 2011


last night, well i met up with him.
well you know, him..

he came to see me after office to lend me the book i was borrowing ( Rich dad, poor dad )..
other than that we're currently discussing the outreach we've been planning to do this summer.
just so we found out that we had different plans in mind, and as usual he wins because his plan is way much better than i have in mind..

but his plan needs time, a lot of time actually well not just time, you also need to have a lot of patience ..
now im having a problem on how i can tell it to others in a way they can fully understand because what he'd like to do is not easy. it's a life time commitment.

after that, we we're discussing other stuff., more of my problems actually.
i kinda miss it, talking and discussing for hours.
i miss how we used to be in the old days,

Now things have change, i haven't completely accepted it, the whole system in me just cant accept it.

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